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Blind Drink

Posted in - News on October 6th 2013 1 Comments

In her new book Foodist, Darya Pino Rose writes about mindful eating. That is, rather than just shoveling our grub into our gaping mouths while we sit at our computer screens or in front of a television, we stop to really appreciate the tastes and textures of the food we ingest to sustain our bodies.

As part of this mindful eating practice, she talks about what she calls the Psychology of Good Taste. She develops the idea that because of poor grocery-store quality produce, or a bad experience we've had with some canned vegetables as children, we are unwilling to open our minds to new taste experiences.
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Ice, Ice Baby

Posted in - News on May 22nd 2013 1 Comments

As cocktail culture grows around the world, people are starting to pay much more attention to everything that goes into the glass. The spirits, the juices and the garnishes in our cocktails have all undergone serious improvements in the last two decades, and the champagne coupe has had a rebirth as a glass of choice in many craft cocktail bars. But it's only in the last half-decade or so that the eye of your local mixologist has really turned toward scrutinizing the ice in your drink. The Aviary bar in Chicago even has an "Ice Guy", whose full-time job is creating the wide variety of ice used in their incredibly creative drinks.
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Copenhagen Cocktail & Spirits Festival 2013 - Day 1

Posted in - News on April 17th 2013 1 Comments

Last year at Tales of the Cocktail, I had the great fortune to meet Henrik Steen Petersen at the Spirited Awards dinner. In addition to owning  Moltke's Palæ in Copenhagen, Henrik also puts on a shindig of his own, the Copenhagen Spirits and Cocktails conference. He was kind enough (over a bottle of cognac) to invite me to visit the 2013 version of his gathering, which I was only too eager to do, having lived in Copenhagen during my misspent youth, and remembering enough Danish to startle the average travelling Dane.
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I'll Drink to That

Posted in - Featured & News on April 15th 2013 2 Comments

Welcome to our website. It's new [buffs out a mark on the screen].

It's a bit intimidating to have a blog devoid of any entries. First impressions are everything, and if I worry too much about getting off on the right foot, I'll just sit here in front of the keyboard paralyzed. You know what? I think I'll make a drink. [Walks out of the room to his home bar]

Daiquiri. Nothing fancy, three ingredients - rum, lime, simple syrup. I used Jeffrey Morgenthaler's ratios, which I've never tried before. You can see a video of it at this site.
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