Bottle Size: 750 ml
Proof: 16% alc./vol.
Product Website: De Muller Vermut Reserva
Place of Distillation: Reus, Tarragona, Spain

De Muller Vermut Reserva

Solara Style Aged Vermouth

The Story: 

In the mid-nineteenth century, August de Muller and Ruinart de Brimont, member of a distinguished family of Alsatian winemakers, founded the De Muller winery. Soon known for the quality of its artisan wines, the winery belonged to the De Muller family until 1995, when it was sold to the Martorell family. In 1999, the De Muller winery acquired the Cochs S.A. distillery and began producing "Vermut de Reus", which is a typical Spanish Vermouth with a tradition dating back more than one hundred years.

When not producing “classic” vermouth for their brand, Iris, De Muller ages a superior crianza in solera-style in oak barrels previously used for Priorat reds and sacramental wine to create this Vermut Reserva. Aromatized with 150 botanicals, fortified with a Molasses liquor and lightly sweetened, it’s complex, oxidized and slightly more bitter than classic Spanish vermouth.

Produced in a manner similar to sherry, the Reserva is aromatized with 150 botanicals, fortified with a Molasses liquor and lightly sweetened.

This is a decorated vermouth, having won best Vermouth Reserva at the Vinari 2014 awards, Gold at the Cinve 2014 awards, and a Silver Medal at the D.O. Tarragon 2014 awards.

Tasting Notes

A deep amber in the glass with a rich, spiced nose with layers of Mediterranean herbs – rosemary, sage, and licorice – and pleasant nutty roasted aromas, due to the barrel aging.

A fresh palate, with complex flavors of herbs, caramel and nuttiness finishes with a gentle bitterness and spice.

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