Bottle Size: 1 liter
Proof: 16% alc./vol.
Product Website: Iris Blanco Vermouth
Place of Distillation: Reus, Tarragona, Spain

Iris Blanco Vermouth

Sweet White Spanish Vermouth

The Story: 

In the mid-nineteenth century, August de Muller and Ruinart de Brimont, member of a distinguished family of Alsatian winemakers, founded the De Muller winery. Soon known for the quality of its artisan wines, the winery belonged to the De Muller family until 1995, when it was sold to the Martorell family. In 1999, the De Muller winery acquired the Cochs S.A. distillery and began producing "Vermut de Reus", which is a typical Spanish Vermouth with a tradition dating back more than one hundred years.

Today, the facilities of the De Muller winery are located in the 'Mas de Valls' estate, in Reus, southern Catalonia. Moreover, the winery also owns the 'Mas de les Pusses' estate in El Molar, a town belonging to the world-famous Priorat DOQ. As a result, the De Muller winery produces products in the Tarragona, Priorat, and Terra Alta DOs.

Tasting Notes

The Blanco shows in the glass with a crystalline colour with straw-coloured tones.

It has mild aromas, an aniseed nose with slight lemon and bitter almonds touches as well as some hints of raspberry .

Once in mouth, it is mild, virtuous and silky because of the alcohol and sugar content with light bitter notes on a splendid and sweet background; we can appreciate the bitter almond taste already present in nose.

It has a very agreeable, sweet and honeyed finish.

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